Thursday, 19 January 2017

Abner the Invisible Dog (4 Stars)

This is Abner in the garden.

This is also Abner in the garden.

I know I watched this delightful little film two months ago. Click here to read the review. It's a film worth watching again and again. In contrast, I doubt I'll return to "La La Land". There's a world of difference between the two films. "La La Land" was made with the intention of creating a classic film, and it failed. "Abner the Invisible dog" was made to be an enjoyable family film, and it succeeded. It's a wonderful film to warm the hearts of young and old alike. It's this sort of film that should receive big awards, not the pretentious blockbusters.

Last time I watched the film it was the original version. Today I watched the German dubbed version. Why? I wanted to compare it. German dubbing is very high quality. Admittedly, there are some films that need to be watched in the original languages, especially dual language films like "Great Wall", but there's no shame in watching most films in German. "Abner the Invisible Dog" sounds very good in German.

The young love of Chad and Molly is touching, even if it goes no further than holding hands and a kiss on the cheek. After all, he's 13 and she's 12. I'm jealous though. No girl ever walked to school with me when I was 13. It was probably my own fault. I didn't like girls my own age. I preferred the busty models on Page 3 of The Sun. I should have set my sights lower. After all, girls don't remain 12 forever.

This is today's Page 3 girl, Holly from Manchester. Topless models -- never fully nude! -- were featured in Britain's best selling daily newspaper, The Sun, from November 17th, 1970 to January 22nd, 2015. There were different reasons for the cessation of the feature. Many women's rights activists called for the pictures to be stopped because they were considered to be demeaning for women. The official statement of The Sun stated that Page 3 was outdated, and nobody wanted to look at topless models any more.

To reply to the second argument first, I understand that the pictures might seem outdated to many people, especially the younger generation. In the 1970's and 1980's the pictures were revolutionary, an opportunity to look at semi-naked women legally without being accused of buying pornography. Today it's different. Anyone can look at fully naked pictures or videos of women on the Internet, so women who are only topless look boring in comparison. That's a shame. Can't the pictures be appreciated as art instead of second-rate pornography?

As for the photos being demeaning, that's absolutely nonsense. The photographs are a monument to womanhood, presenting women in an ideal form. Rather than women being degraded, they're lifted up to a divine level and displayed as Goddesses to be worshipped.

If the feature was stopped in January 2015, how can I say Holly is today's Page 3 girl? The feature might no longer exist in the newspaper itself, but it's being continued online. It's updated daily at, proving that even in today's world of brash explicitness there's still a market for tasteful nudity.

I'm getting off the topic of the film itself, but that's no surprise to my regular readers. Enjoy the film. Enjoy Page 3.

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