Saturday, 21 May 2011

End Of Days (5 Stars)

This is a film I enjoy a lot. I saw it in the cinema when it was first released in 1999, and I've often watched it since, first on videotape, now on DVD. I know that there are lots of things that can be criticised about it. The plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. An example is the priest's explanation of the number 666 in Revelation 13:18. "Prophets sometimes see the future upside down. The number isn't really 666, it's 999, which signifies our year, 1999". Doh! That's amazing theology, isn't it?

But I still like the film. Why? First of all, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's best performance as an actor, even better than his acting in "Terminator". Gabriel Byrne is the ultimate in cool as the Devil. The action scenes are exciting. The underground cults in New York encompassing doctors and police detectives are scary but plausible. Just close your eyes to the illogical elements, and you'll enjoy this film too.

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