Monday, 21 December 2015

Bikini Frankenstein (4 Stars)

This is the 20th film in the Medina Collection, made in 2009. It finally fulfils the promise made in "Bikini Airways" (2003) that "Bikini Frankenstein" would be coming soon. Here it is!

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a professor at one of America's top universities. His theories about bringing the dead back to life cause him to be mocked by the students and his fellow professors alike. The final straw is when he's caught having sex with the dean's daughter, He's fired, and he has to return to Transylvania in disgrace.

As the Germans say, there can be Glück im Unglück. This is a Taoist principle that has become a figure of speech. It means, roughly translated, "Good things come from bad". Back in Transylvania the scientist can dedicate his whole time to his studies. Aided only by his faithful assistant Ingrid he's able to bring a dead hooker back to life. He takes her to America to show his old colleagues that they were wrong to laugh at him.

Victor Frankenstein presents his monster. She looks a lot better than Boris Karloff.

Most of the regular cast are missing from this film, but at least we see Ted Newsom as the dean.

And then there's the stunning Christine Nguyen as Victor's ex-girlfriend. She must be one of the most beautiful actresses who has ever lived.

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