Sunday, 13 December 2015

Her (5 Stars)

This is the world we live in.

At work we sit in front of a computer.

At home we sit in front of a computer.

When we're on the bus we use our phone as a computer.

When we're with our friends we look at our phones instead of talking to one another.

So why shouldn't we fall in love with our computer? It's the next logical step. Computers have already replaced human interaction.

Smartphones (which I prefer to call computer phones) are the latest step in the decline of human culture. A few years ago they were expensive little toys for geeks. Now everybody knows how to use them. What people haven't yet learnt is how to stop using them. They've become an addiction. As a serious film fan it greatly annoys me that people can't stop using their phones in the cinema. It's so obvious to everyone. The theatre is dark, and then there are flashes of light when people pull their phones out. If the film is so boring they should leave. If it's not boring, why are they looking at their phones?

Two months ago I was at a concert of the (very good) glam punk band, Bonsai Kitten. After one of the songs the singer, Tiger Lilly Marleen, spoke to the audience:

"Do you know what turns people into zombies? Smartphones. Put them away and watch us. You'll enjoy it much more".

Very true. I never leave the house without my smartphone in my pocket, but I'm able to leave it in my pocket. Sometimes.

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