Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Poker House (4 Stars)

"You lock the door on me, I lock the door on you".

There's one thing I'm curious about in this film. I know it takes place in the far distant past, 1976, but were 14-year-olds really allowed to drive?

The film was written and directed by the actress Lori Petty, based on her own life. It tells the story of a single day in her life in 1976, when she was 14. This was probably the most important day in her life, because it's the day when she was raped by her mother's pimp.

Lori (called Agnes in the film) and her two sisters lived with their mother in a whorehouse in Iowa. They had to care for themselves, because their mother was always high on drink or drugs, usually both. Effectively, Agnes was the replacement mother for her two younger sisters. Despite her responsibility at home, she excelled at school, getting straight A's in all subjects.

This is a sad, depressing film. It's life. Life isn't always pleasant. On the positive side, let this be an example for the people who blame the way they turn out on their childhood. Lori Petty had an awful childhood, but she turned out to be a highly educated and successful woman.

P. S. In England the film was renamed "Behind closed doors".

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