Friday, 11 December 2015

Ghost in a Teeny Bikini (4 Stars)

This is the 10th film in the Medina Collection, made in 2006. It's notable for a big exit and a big entry. This is the first film made without Jay Richardson. He should have stayed on forever, he's brilliant! It's also the first film starring Christine Nguyen, who went on to become a regular. I don't know how to describe Christine to do her justice. She's a good actress, but not necessarily the best actress in the Medina films. She's very beautiful, but that's not it either. It's her bubbly personality that she shows off in every film she appears in. She's having great fun making the films, and it shows. She's the sort of person I could sit and laugh with for hours. You'll have to watch her films for yourself to see what I mean.

This is Christine's first film with Fred Olen Ray, and she takes the leading role (not the title role, but still the main character). Fred knows talent when he sees it.

Christine plays the B-Movie actress Muffin Baker. Her boyfriend is the director of low budget sci-fi films, Ted Wood Jr., who is played by none other than Alexandre Boisvert in what must be one of the worst hairdos ever. Just compare it with his smart look in "Erotic Dreams of Genie". This is a trend with Alexandre. In his films he has more hair colours than Kate Winslet in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Muffin has to go to England for the reading of the Will of her Uncle Silas. It's not a sad occasion. All she wants is the money. Silas was the owner of Ravenswood Manor, which is haunted by the ghost of a beautiful woman who died 40 years ago. Considering that the ghost is played by Nicole Sheridan wearing a skimpy bikini, sometimes even less, I don't understand why people are so scared of her. Be honest, would you be scared? I would be begging her to haunt me every night.

Is she good or evil? I'm not telling. Watch the film for yourself. But as far as I'm concerned, if it's Nicole Sheridan haunting me I don't care!

As a horror film, "Ghost in a Teeny Bikini" has it all

An eerie cemetery.

An evil scheming relative (Brad Bartram).

A creepy butler (Evan Stone).

A family church.

Alexandre! It's a church! No naughty thoughts are allowed!

An English policeman (Ted Newsom, who becomes a regular actor after this film).

And last but not least, a ghost. Or did I mention her already?

In all the excitement over bikini-clad ghosts and Christine Nguyen, I've neglected to point out one important thing about the film. It's a musical!

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