Friday, 11 December 2015

Erotic Dreams of Jeannie (4 Stars)

This is the sixth film in the Medina Collection, made in 2004. It was originally called "Genie in a String Bikini". That's a strange title. The picture above shows the only outfit she wears in the film (when she isn't naked), and it certainly doesn't qualify as a string bikini.

The film begins in the long distant past, 2000 years ago. Two trainee genies are waiting for their first assignment, Akbar (Evan Stone) and Jeannie (Nicole Sheridan). They're supposed to remain chaste until they meet their first master or mistress, but they lose their self control and they're no longer virgins. As a punishment they're buried in their bottles where they will never be found.

Or so they think. Fast forward to the present day. Major Tony Williams (Alexandre Boisvert) is an explosives expert in the US Army. While on a mission he discovers the bottles and takes them home. Jeannie falls in love with him, but he resists her advances. He's already engaged. What he doesn't know is that his fiancée Suzanne is really a lesbian and is only going to marry him to get her hands on his family fortune of six million dollars. She doesn't intend to divorce him to get half of it, she's greedier than that. She'll kill him so she can get it all.

Akbar presents himself to Suzanne as her eternal servant. So she sets him to work doing her housework. What else would she possibly want him for?

Major Tony has a beautiful house. It looks so familiar to me.

I'd better not forget to mention that Jay Richardson appears as Suzanne's father. I'm going to miss him. He only stars in the first nine films in the Medina collection, and I've now reviewed them all.

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