Friday, 4 December 2015

Locke (5 Stars)

"There's two words I learnt tonight: Fuck Chicago".

In America it's become a custom for phone numbers shown in films to begin with 555, whether they're written on buildings or seen being dialled. These numbers are never allocated in the real world, so there's no chance of a crazy person dialling the numbers to see who will answer. This was forgotten when the film "Bruce Almighty" was made. The number shown in the film was 776-2323 (no area code specified). Immediately after the film was shown people were dialling the number. When the DVD was released the film was edited to change the number to 555-0123, but the damage had already been done. People in Colorado and Florida were swamped with calls by people who wanted to talk to God.

We need a fake number convention like this in England. Here are the numbers used in "Locke".

01632-960334 -- Ivan Locke's home number
07840-514492 -- Bethan (the other woman)
07840-514490 -- Gareth (Ivan's boss)
07840-514487 -- Donal (Ivan's worker)
07700-900957 -- Mr. Cassidy (council worker)
01614-960711 -- P.C. Daniels (work number)

Maybe we don't need fake film numbers in England. We don't have any crazy people who would ring them. Or do we?

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