Monday, 7 December 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful (4 Stars)

This is the eighth film in the Medina Collection, made in 2005. It was made back to back with "Bikini Chain Gang" over a period of five days, and it features almost the same cast. It was originally called "Bikini Round-Up", but the name was changed for the DVD release.

Beverly Lynne and Nicole Sheridan are waitresses at a bar somewhere on the east coast of America. A rich Texan comes to the bar who has a crush on Nicole. Can you blame him?

Nicole invites the Texan back to her apartment, but his heart gives out during sex. A few weeks later his lawyer tells her that his Will leaves all his wealth to whoever was with him at the time of his death. This wealth includes the casino and a silver mine in Devils Ring, Nevada.

Devils Ring is practically a ghost town. The only people who live there are Jay Richardson, aptly called J.R., his two hired cowboys and his two girlfriends. Yes, Jay finally has luck with the girls! It's not that difficult when you're the richest man in town.

Did I mention that the two hired cowboys are none other than Evan Stone and Alexandre Boisvert? Their antics had me in stitches when I was watching the film. They qualify as the world's most incompetent cowboys.

The silver mine has been abandoned and its location is unknown. Jay has searched for it in vain, but Nicole was left a map in the Texan's Will. Jay tries to scare Nicole away by sending his cowboys to the casino at night dressed as ghosts. What he doesn't reckon with is that a real ghost rides through the town at night, Calamity Kate, wearing a bikini and carrying a gun.

Jay refuses to accept defeat. He challenges Kate to a duel.

The tension is unbearable. But as I'm sure you realise, Jay is at a distinct disadvantage.

Didn't they teach Jay anything in gunfighters school? You should never challenge a ghost to a duel. It's not a fair fight. Jay fires six bullets into Kate's chest. Then she draws her gun and fires back.

Couldn't Jay's cowboys have helped him? Maybe not. He should have invested in a better security service.

When reviewing "Bikini Chain Gang" I forgot to mention that "The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful" is also sold as a double-sided DVD. On the other side is "Babe Watch", a Baywatch parody directed by Rick Sloane.

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