Thursday, 4 January 2018

Loving Vincent (5 Stars)

This is probably the most beautiful film ever made. When you know all the work that went into it you have to shake your head and ask how it was possible to make it on a budget of only $5.5 million. The film was first shot conventionally as a live action film. Then every second frame was painted as an oil painting, approximately 65,000 paintings by 125 artists. The final result was put together as a 12 fps animation.

The final result is breathtaking. My recommendation when you watch this at home is that you turn down the sound so that you're not distracted by the plot. Play a soothing piece of classical music as you watch the images flicker by -- unless, of course, the studio is wise enough to include a score-only track as an alternative on the Blu-ray disc.

Here are a few screenshots I've taken from the trailer. They say much more about the film than words could ever express.

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