Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Harlots of the Caribbean (4 Stars)

This is the 12th film in the Medina Collection, made in 2006. It was originally called "Bikini Pirates", but the name was changed for the DVD release. That's just as well. The only female pirate in the film is the Pirate Queen Morgana, and she doesn't wear a bikini. On the other hand, the film doesn't feature any harlots.

Nicole Sheridan is in charge of a deep sea diving operation. She's looking for a sunken pirate ship and the treasure it holds. I assume she's only financing the operation, because she doesn't dive herself. The divers are Alexandre Boisvert and Randy Spears.

Alexandre is the comedian while Randy plays it straight, as we would expect. The regulars in the Medina films are typecast in their personalities from one film to the next.

Beverly Lynne, Randy's girlfriend, is along for the ride. She probably appears more in more films than any other actress in the Medina Collection. When I've finished the films I'll make a list of the most regular actors and the films in which they appear.

Alexandre discovers a journal in the galleon and a treasure map. It's the journal of the Pirate Queen Morgana, played by Rebecca Love. The journal contains details on how to perform a seance to conjure up the ghosts of Morgana and her lover, Captain Evan Stone. They're more than ghosts, they're flesh and blood, walking the Earth again, threatening the lives of the diving team.

Once more, Evan Stone steals the show. He's an amazing actor who deserves to be better known.

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