Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Terminator 3 (4½ Stars)

Imagine if you knew you were going to do something important with your life. Something amazing. Maybe the most important thing anyone has ever done.

This is a film that I keep returning to. I was disappointed when I first saw it in the cinema, but it's grown on me. I admit that it doesn't live up to the high quality of the first two films, but it's still a good film, and I'll argue with anyone who says otherwise.


  1. A fun action film. Unlike Salvation I totally agree about taking it on its own terms. Arnie maybe goes through the motions a bit, but we do have clare danes being typically strong.

    1. What I dislike about this film most is the way Arnie plays his role. Okay, technically he is a different Terminator in each film, but I don't like the progression. In the first film he's just a machine, in the second film he becomes "human", but in the third film he regresses to being more machine-like. There's no "Hasta la vista, baby".

      I've never really noticed Clare Danes as an actress. Looking through her filmography, the only other film I've seen her in is "Stardust".


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