Thursday, 9 October 2014

Blaze Starr goes nudist (4 Stars)

This is a fascinating film. It's a product of the 1960's. Anything vaguely similar would be inconceivable today. This makes the film dated, but I don't say that as a criticism. The very fact that it's old fashioned is what makes it appealing. Watching it is like looking through a time portal into a forgotten age of naive innocence.

Blaze Starr is one of Hollywood's top actresses. Her personal life is also going well, since she's engaged to marry her agent. But she's still not happy. She can't stand being famous, because she's hounded by autograph hunters whenever she takes a stroll.

The only way she can find happiness is by joining a nudist colony. Everyone is smiling, everyone is happy, it's a perfect world.

The film's message is simple. All the world's problems can be solved by taking your clothes off and playing in the park. I agree. If Vladimir Putin stripped naked and jumped into a pool with Angela Merkel Ukraine would have peace. If all the women in the Middle East threw off their burkas and walked around naked the men would give up their silly religion and stop fighting.

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