Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Dumb and Dumber To (4 Stars)

Despite being a big fan of Jim Carrey I didn't intend to see this film in the cinema. I vaguely remember seeing the first Dumb and Dumber film many years ago and not liking it. I wrote it down to Jim being at the beginning of his career and not having developed his style. However, my good friend Elisha persuaded me to see the film with her, for which I have to thank her. The sequel, though not up to the quality of most of his other films, is very watchable.

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) had a mental breakdown after the events of the first film and has spent the last 20 years in a mental institution. His best friend Harry Dunne has been visiting him every Wednesday. Suddenly Lloyd reveals that he's only been pretending to be mad as a prank. Awesome! After Lloyd's discharge the two visit Harry's old home, where they find out that Harry had a daughter 20 years ago who has been given up for adoption. They decide to search for her, not because Harry loves her but because he needs a kidney transplant and he thinks she would be the ideal donor.

I won't write any more about the film because it's still running in the cinemas in England. Just one small thing: don't leave the cinema too soon, there's an after-credits scene.

It was interesting to see popcorn being unloaded before I went in to see the film. They sure eat a lot of it at Cineworld. And the man told me that it was only one of four pallets that had just been delivered. I hate popcorn. It isn't the taste, it's the smell. I find it so sickly. The fresher popcorn is the worse it smells. When I worked at IBM in Poughkeepsie there were microwave machines in the corridors to heat popcorn, and the smell filled the building. It was awful.

This is Elisha. Is she wild? I'm not telling.

Here is Elisha scavenging cardboard from the streets. It's all for a good cause. She needs it to pack the items she sells on Ebay.

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