Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Kid with X-Ray Eyes (3½ Stars)

Bobby Taylor is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a fantasy world. When he's not playing computer games or reading comics he pretends that he's a secret agent who battles the forces of evil and rescues beautiful women in dazzling car chases. His Dad tells him that he should stop fantasising, because things like that only happen in the movies. But luckily for Bobby, and for us, it is a movie, so anything can happen.

While visiting his Uncle Chuck Bobby finds a suitcase that has been washed up onto the beach. In the suitcase are a pair of goggles that allow the person wearing them to see through anything. On high settings Bobby can see through walls, while the lowest setting is enough to see women's underwear. For a boy just entering puberty it's obvious how Bobby uses the goggles. Unfortunately, people are searching for the goggles: an NSA agent and a terrorist group. Yes, there are beautiful women involved, but it's not the weak, helpless women that he rescues in his fantasies. He finds himself tied up by Diane Salinger, an evil woman who doesn't hesitate to shoot men while they're distracted by her cleavage. Why does that make me feel jealous of Bobby?

Bobby is played by Justin Berfield, the child actor best known as his role as Ross Malloy in the long-running TV Series "Unhappily Ever After". He became an actor at the age of five when he appeared in television commercials. He appeared in many films and television series until he was 20, and now he works behind the camera, doing administration work for a film production company.

The film is obviously aimed at young teenagers, but it's of sufficient quality to entertain the whole family. Don't let yourself be put off by the bad reviews from people who don't get it. It's a film worth watching at least once.

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