Monday, 23 November 2015

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (4 Stars)

If anyone asks me what my favourite film genre is I usually reply "horror comedy". That's the reason why I've rated this film so highly. It might not be the sort of film that my blog's readers like, but for me it has everything that makes my heart beat faster: ridiculous looking zombies, comic capers and busty women.

Three schoolboys (16-ish, I think) are the only scouts in their school. Being a scout isn't cool any more. One of them (Augie) is a dedicated scout, but the other two (Ben and Carter) are thinking of quitting, because they're worried they will never get a girl as scouts. They could be right. Everyone else in their school, male and female, makes fun of them in their silly uniforms.

The boys go into the woods to camp overnight. When their scout leader doesn't arrive they go back into the town. While they were away the town was evacuated because of a zombie outbreak, and an airstrike has been planned to destroy the town. Carter's sister has gone to a secret party, and the boys suspect that they weren't evacuated because none of the adults in the town knew about the party. With the help of Denise, a busty cocktail waitress from a strip club, the boys use their scouts' knowhow to fight their way through the town.

The film is gory, as you would expect from a zombie film, but never explicit enough to be revolting. It would be acceptable to viewers who don't like gore. The humour is often sexual, but that's what to be expected from a film with horny 16-year-old boys.

Why is it that so many zombie films have to include strippers? It must be a Beauty and the Beast thing. Unfortunately we don't see much nudity in the film. The style is similar to the American teen comedies of the 1980's, in which there were only brief glimpses of naked breasts.

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