Thursday, 4 August 2016

It follows (4½ Stars)

I don't understand why I rated "It follows" so low the last time I watched it. It's true, sometimes films grow on me with repeated viewing, but my last rating was so low that I must have made a mistake. Maybe I was too tired to enjoy it when I was in the cinema. That's always a danger.

The film is amazing. The acting is so good by the young cast, especially Maika Monroe in the lead role. The film is made even more eerie by the very subtle use of background music.

Initially the film was meant to be released direct-to-video. It was shown in four cinemas and was so successful that it was decided to cancel the video release and show it in cinemas worldwide. Fans and critics alike loved it, which is rare in itself. Even I love it, the second time round.

Despite liking it so much I still think it would be good to see a Japanese remake.

Some of my regular readers might be wondering if I'll start writing this blog in German now that I live in Germany. Don't worry. That's the last thing I intend to do. I do speak German so well that it would be easy for me to write in German, but I won't do it, not even when I'm reviewing German films.

I've also been asked why I've added a link to a web site for Telugu and Sanskrit studies in my sidebar. The answer is simple. The site's author, Dr. Pandu Ranga Sharma, has put a link to my blog on his site, and I've received a lot of traffic from him. I'm returning the favour. If any of my readers have their own web site or blog, please add a link to my blog and I'll link back to you. Leave me a comment on one of my posts to let me know.

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