Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry (4 Stars)

This is a film that has more in common with "Dangerous Liaisons"/"Cruel Intentions" than typical American teenager stories. Kati and Steffi are two 16-year-old girls who go to school in Berlin. They are from affluent families and have been friends since childhood. Their peaceful life is shattered when Steffi finds out her father is having an affair. The two girls set out to take revenge on the father's lover, and in the process their friendship with one another deteriorates.

This is an intriguing psychological drama that I saw for the first time today. I've given it 4 stars for now, but I might revise my rating after watching it again. Anna Maria Mühe, 16 at the time the film was made, was chosen for the role of Kati when the director saw her sitting with friends in a cafe, and has since become a very successful actress. Miracles happen.

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