Sunday, 13 January 2013

Crush (5 Stars)

Continuing my Five Star Month, this is another film about a younger girl in love with an older man. Unlike "My First Mister", this is a darker film that shows what can happen if the man spurns the girl's advances.

Nick Elliot (Cary Elwes) is an investigative reporter starting a new job in a new town. He rents an apartment in a better area. The landlord's daughter, Adrienne (Alicia Silverstone, starring in her first film) becomes obsessed with him and uses all of her womanly wiles to seduce him. The problem is that he is 28, but she is only 14. Though greatly tempted he resists her, which leads to her taking revenge on him. "If I can't have you nobody else will".

Alicia Silverstone is so delicious in this film. Adrienne is beautiful, sexy, intelligent and precocious. I find it difficult to understand Nick. I would have been unable to resist her. Apart from her beauty and overt sexuality, she was able to win praise for him by rewriting one of his articles. She would have been the perfect partner for him. Unfortunately, this was not only Alicia's first film, it was also her best. In the 20 years since "Crush" she's never played such a powerful role.

There is some confusion with the film's name. To my knowledge there are five unrelated films all called "Crush". This film was made in 1993. Another confusion is that in the DVD release Adrienne's name has been changed to Darian. I have no idea why, it must have been a lot of work to dub the sound whenever she name was spoken. Click here to view the trailer.

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