Sunday, 6 January 2013

Snatch (5 Stars)

This was Guy Ritchie's second gangster film after "Lock, stock and two smoking barrels". It was a much bigger hit, as far as the box office takings were concerned, maybe due to the big name actors Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro starring. It was slammed by the critics for not being original, they said that it was just copying the pattern of the first film. I agree that there is nothing new in the film, but I honestly don't care. This film is probably even better than his first.

A very large diamond is stolen in Belgium and brought to England to be fenced by Four Fingers Frankie (Benicio Del Toro). But one of the other robbers asks his brother, a gun runner called Boris the Blade, to steal the gem from him while he's in London. At the same time two small-time fight promoters, Turkish and Tommy, are attempting to buy a caravan from a crooked gypsy called Mickey (Brad Pitt). Confusion ensues when the gem is stolen, stolen again, lost and found. The body count is lower than in "Lock, stock and two smoking barrels", but the plot is just as chaotic. Gangs, jewel thieves, boxers, gypsies and a dog. A masterpiece.

Somehow Guy Ritchie couldn't keep up the magic. His later films were much weaker. But he's still young, he has a full career ahead of him.

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