Saturday, 30 March 2013

Candy Stripe Nurses (2½ Stars)

This is the last in the series of nursesploitation films made under the oversight of Roger Corman in the 1970's. Technically speaking, Corman is the executive producer of the film series, though he isn't described as such. I haven't seen the other films in the series, and I confess to being disappointed by this film after the rave reviews I've read of it. To me it just looks like a clone of a 1960's Carry On film, but with added nudity. The film has three unrelated plots, one for each of three girls featured and their amorous adventures with patients.

I didn't know what a "candy stripe nurse" is before watching this film. It's an unpaid volunteer nurse who does unqualified nursing jobs in a hospital. Apart from being purely voluntary, sometimes it was required of the students in nursing schools, and sometimes it was ordered as community service after committing a crime. The nurses were named after the striped uniforms they wore to differentiate them from real nurses.

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