Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ted (4 Stars)

Don't all children like to have an imaginary friend? Especially the children who are outcasts. When John is eight he's given a giant teddy bear for Christmas, which he calls Ted. John spends hours talking to Ted, and every time he hugs him he replies "I love you". Eventually John gets bored with this pre-programmed response, and he makes a wish that the bear could be real. There's a clap of thunder, and Ted comes to life. They promise to remain friends forever.

27 years later John is in a serious relationship. He's been dating Lori for four years, but their relationship can't advance because of a severe problem. John is still living with Ted, and they spend all their evenings smoking pot together. Lori puts her foot down. "You have to choose. It's Ted or me".

The film begins as a fairy tale, but it soon becomes apparent that it's a story for adults, at the latest when we see Ted partying with hookers. "Ted" is irreverent, breaking down the rules that separate different film genres. But it's good fun. I look forward to seeing "Ted 2" in the cinema next week.

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