Monday, 10 August 2015

The Gift (2015) (4 Stars)

This is an original film, nothing to do with the 2000 Sam Raimi film with the same name. It's an Australian film, the first film directed by Joel Edgerton, who also plays Gordo, the man bearing a gift in the poster shown above.

A young childless couple, Simon and Robyn, buy a new house in the area where Simon grew up. While shopping at a hardware store Simon is approached by Gordon Mosely, an old classmate that he hasn't seen at school. Simon doesn't remember him until he says his old nickname, Gordo. Over the next few days Gordo repeatedly brings gifts to the house, as if he were their best friend. Simon and Robyn find this unnerving, considering it a one-sided friendship.

This is an excellent psychological thriller. It's full of twists and turns from the beginning to the end, some of which are given away by the film trailer. Don't watch it! The film's slow development emphasises the grim atmosphere. It's not a horror film, but it does contain a few scary moments.

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