Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Purge: Anarchy (4 Stars)

"This is my right granted to me by my government".

This is a sequel to "The Purge", made one year earlier in 2012. It deals with a different side of the yearly Purge event, during which all crime is permitted for 12 hours. In the first film we see how a rich white family suffers from the Purge. In the sequel the emphasis is on poor black families, who are the biggest victims.

We also see another way in which the Purge is carried out: purging for charity. There are those who for reasons of health or social class don't want to go out on the streets and risk their lives to kill people. A safe alternative is provided. Mercenaries are sent out to capture people. These are brought back to gatherings of rich people who can bid for the right to kill them safely, without any danger to themselves. And all money collected is for a good cause.

The second film had a bigger budget and is bigger in scope. Whereas the first film took place within a single house, the second film takes place on the streets and in various buildings around the city. It might be a sequel, but it has such a different style that it's a unique film.

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