Friday, 15 July 2016

How to be single (3 Stars)

I admit it. I only watched this film because it stars Rebel Wilson. Unfortunately, she's the only good thing about the film. It's a story about four young women in New York who are single, some by choice, some because they've been dumped. Rebel Wilson -- isn't she delicious? -- plays Robin, a woman who makes the most of being single. It's an exciting life in New York. She goes to bed with a different man every night and she never has to buy her own drinks.

The main character, based on the amount of screen time she gets, is Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, who begins the film wanting to find a relationship, but gradually realises that she's better off without men. This is a good message for all women to learn, but she's not a convincing actress. She doesn't have as much charm, charisma and overflowing sex appeal as Rebel Wilson.

"How to be single" is little more than a clone of "Sex and the City", but without the voice-over. I can only recommend it to fans of Rebel Wilson. Come on, I've admitted I like her, and so can you!

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