Friday, 28 October 2016

Zombie Strippers (3 Stars)

This is my Halloween Challenge film #28. It's a curious film. It's a comedy that attempts to present zombies as sexy. That's such a ridiculous premise to me that I can't even laugh at it. Vampires are sexy. There's no doubt about it. But zombies?

The film begins with a scenario destined to make it sound dated within a few years of being made. It's all about George Bush facing a shortage of soldiers in his fourth term as president. In order to continue with dozens of simultaneous wars he's sponsored the development of a serum to make soldiers able to continue fighting after they're killed. One of the soldiers involved with the project escapes and runs into a strip club. He bites a stripper and she turns into a zombie.

This zombie continues her job as a stripper and becomes an instant hit with the all-male audience. Evidently the men are turned on by her dripping blood and gaping wounds. As I said, it's too ridiculous to be funny. The other strippers are jealous of the zombie's success, so they demand to become zombies as well. What??? One of the disadvantages of having zombies as strippers is that they kill men when they give them lapdances. But that doesn't matter. For every man who's killed another five walk in the door to see the hottest show in town.

This isn't a sexy film. It's not even scary, it's just disgusting. Not even Robert Englund's appearance as the strip club's owner can save the film from turning into a disaster.

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