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Bride of Chucky (5 Stars)

This is the fourth film in the series of films about the killer doll Chucky. It was made in 1998, seven years after the third film, and it's the first film in the series to have Chucky's name in the title. I consider it to be the best film in the series, and it seems that most people agree with me. It was the most successful film in the series, as far as box office takings are concerned. The critics disagree, but as usual the critics are wrong and the public is right.

The film is given its biggest boost by the hiring of a new director, Ronny Yu. I've only seen a few of his films, but they're all brilliant. "The 51st State", "Fearless" and "Saving General Yang" are all five star films, and so is "Bride of Chucky". I just wish he would make more films. He's only made two films in the last 10 years, which isn't enough to keep his loyal fans happy.

Another improvement over the previous three films is the addition of Jennifer Tilly to the cast. She plays the role of Tiffany, the woman who used to be Charles Lee Ray's girlfriend before he was killed. She's only recently found out that her old lover's soul has been transferred into a Good Guy doll called Chucky. She bribes a policeman to steal the almost completely destroyed doll from the police station's evidence room. She never intended to pay him. She slits the policeman's throat when he delivers the doll.

Tiffany stitches the doll back together, then chants an incantation to Damballah to revive Charles' soul in the doll. It's easy. All she has to do is read the words from the latest edition of "Voodoo for Dummies". I need to buy that book. I wonder if Amazon has it.

Soon Chucky is back to his normal homicidal self. Tiffany makes his first kill easy for him. She handcuffs her new boyfriend to the bed. Like most men, he offers no resistance. Then Chucky jumps on him and finishes him off.

After a lover's tiff Chucky kills Tiffany. That's one of the disadvantages of dating a deranged serial killer. But he regrets what he's done and brings her back to life in one of her dolls. He doesn't need the "Voodoo for Dummies" book, of course. He's an expert in the art of voodoo.

Now Chucky decides to retrieve an amulet that was round his neck when his body was buried. The two dolls arrange to be driven from Lockport, NY to Hackensack, NJ. That's a 390 mile journey. They might have made it in a day, but after reverting to character and killing a few people on the way they have to make diversions to avoid the police.

I admit that I have something of a crush on Jennifer Tilly. She has a beautiful face and a voluptuous figure, but it's not just about her looks. It's her attitude. She's typecast as a dumb blonde, but she's a very intelligent woman. She's one of America's best poker players. And more than anything else, it's her voice. I can't describe it to you, you have to hear it for yourself. She has the voice of a little girl in the body of a woman.

"Bride of Chucky" stands above the previous films in the story, the production quality and everything else. However scary it was to see a little doll on a killing spree, it's more exciting to see a couple share the killings, a miniature Bonnie and Clyde. The film also profits from being influenced by "Scream", made two years earlier in 1996. Ronny Yu correctly decided to add elements of parody to the film, making fun of the whole horror film genre.

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