Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Jurassic World (4 Stars)

I have mixed feelings about this film. I gave it a low rating in my last review, which I've only slightly improved this time, but there is something about it that appeals to me. The action is thrilling, and the special effects are the best of the four films so far. My main problem is the characters. I could warm up to Chris Pratt as the animal trainer Owen Grady and the failed love pair Vivian and Lowery in the control room, but none of the other characters interest me. The worst of all is the arrogant park leader, Claire Dearing. Every time a dinosaur came anywhere near her I hoped that it would bite her head off. I felt the same way about the two children, her nephews Zach and Gray. In the first film I sympathised with the children, but these two boys are just silly little brats who should have become dino food in the first half hour.

I'll give it another chance some time next year. When I have time I'll watch all four films back to back so I can judge it in context.

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