Thursday, 21 November 2013

Off-Topic: Brian Farmer Murder Trial, Day 7

Day 7 -- November 21, 2013

Today the defence of the four people charged with murdering Brian Farmer began. Jason Andrews was questioned extensively about his relationship with Brian, up to and including the last days that he saw him alive.

Jason says that he met Brian about five years ago. He met him through his sister Debra, who was living next door to Brian when he lived in Coventry Road, Small Heath. He says that he never hit Brian in all the time he knew him. Jason also denied ever attacking his sister. He claims that she used to call the police and accuse him whenever she was drunk, about twice a week, but it was all lies.

Jason has been prescribed Olanzapine since 1997, 10mg tablets that he has to take three times a day. These are anti-psychotic tablets, and when he doesn't take them he can become agitated and aggressive. He said he was not taking the tablets in May 2012 because he was selling them to Brian for £1 a tablet.

On May 4th Jason was asleep in the bedroom of Brian's flat. He woke up in the evening, and when he went into the living room he found Brian together with Lisa Clarke, John Campion and Vaughan Davies. This was the first time he had met Vaughan. Lisa introduced him as her son, but he found out a few days later that this wasn't the case. Vaughan began to call Brian a dirty old bastard and hit him with a metal pipe. Jason asked Vaughan to stop, but Vaughan was like a madman and refused. Jason says he was scared of Vaughan, so he didn't intervene. John Campion left first. Lisa was also calling Brian names, but she didn't hit him. She pissed into a pint glass and made Brian drink it. Vaughan was throwing Brian's property off the balcony. Jason left soon after this because he didn't want anything to do with it. While he was waiting at the bus stop Lisa and Vaughan came and joined him.

On May 5th Jason and Lisa returned to Brian's house. When they got there Peter Knowles and an Asian man he didn't know were with Brian. Brian's face was messed up and covered with blood, but he was walking around normally. Lisa said that Brian had been sniffing her knickers, so Peter punched him in the face a few times and broke his nose. They all left at the same time.

On May 7th Jason returned by himself to check if Brian was alright, but Brian didn't open the door when he knocked. Jason assumed Brian had gone for a walk. At no time did he think Brian's injuries were so bad that he might be dead.

Jason denied that the knife found by the police in his sister's home belonged to him. When questioned about his previous convictions for possessing a knife he said that he couldn't remember anything.

It's a long weekend now, for reasons that have nothing to do with the case. There will be a four day break, and the trial will be continued at 10:30am on Tuesday.

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