Thursday, 22 May 2014

Great Bikini Bowling Bash (4½ Stars)

This is a beautiful little film from Dean McKendrick, reminiscent of the 1990's bikini films. For those who don't know them, they were very stereotypical erotic comedies, with titles like "Bikini Carwash Company", "Bikini Drive-In" and "Bikini Airways". The plot is always the same. A business is making a loss, so to save it the female employees wear bikinis to attract more customers.

And that's the plot here. Jenn is the owner of a bowling alley that she inherited from her father. She has a long term lease on the property, but her landlord intends to sell it, which would make the lease null and void. The alley can only be saved if Jenn buys the building herself, so together with her employees, Lucy and Candy, she holds a bowling competition in which the girls wear bikinis. There is even a not so subtle mention of "Bikini Carwash Company", the film that kicked off the bikini film craze, when Lucy says, "This is just like a bikini car wash, but with balls".

But it's no longer the 1990's, it's the 21st Century, so Dean McKendrick tells us that salvation by bikini no longer works. The bikini bowling event makes $5485, which might seem like a success, but it's nowhere near the $3 million that Jenn needs to buy the bowling alley. New strategies are needed. Fortunately the world bowling champion, Troy Smith, learnt how to bowl in Jenn's alley. Is there any way that three sexy girls can persuade him to donate the money they need?

The film stars all of Dean's regular cast, including Eric Masterson, Ryan Driller and Mary Carey. These three are the ones who carried the film, in my opinion. Eric has always been an outstanding actor, but lately Ryan has been very impressive. I should have mentioned Ryan when I reviewed "Stacked Racks from Mars" earlier this week. His performance greatly impressed me. Mary has recently announced her retirement from hardcore pornography; it's good to see that she is still appearing in soft porn films.

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