Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Matrix Revolutions (5 Stars)

"The story's about preserving life and what you believe. No matter whether you're a Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, black, white, Asian, purple or green, these are universal subjects and things that every human being on this planet struggles with on a daily basis. That's why people connect to this movie". (Jada Pinkett Smith)

After watching this film, the third in the Matrix trilogy, I watched brief excerpts from the in-movie special features that were filmed for the Blu-ray release, more than two years after the trilogy had been made. I'll have to go back and watch all of the features when I have time. What stuck with me is that the actors all spoke of making the Matrix as a life-changing experience. It wasn't just another film, it was something special that will remain with them all of their lives.

I won't describe the plot, because anyone who hasn't seen the film yet doesn't deserve a description. I'll just mention one thing. Gloria Foster, the actress who played the Oracle in the first two films, died before this film was made and was replaced by Mary Alice. I'm somewhat surprised by the way this was handled. They must have made an enormous effort to find someone who looked as similar as the original actress. And yet a big deal is made in the film about the new appearance. If it was going to be discussed in the film I would have selected someone who looked completely different, maybe 20 years younger or a different skin colour.

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