Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake (3¾ Stars)

Unus Caesar est satis.

The biggest mistake Adrian Paul made in his career was to leave the Highlander TV series. I'm sure he had good intentions. He thought he could go on to make a big name for himself in films. But it never happened. His big break never came. On the contrary, "Highlander" was his big break. During the run of the series he was a household name. When he left the series he was quickly forgotten, doomed to playing parts in third rate films.

Having said that, this film isn't too bad. Despite being made on a small budget, a typical American television movie, it is good entertainment. Adrian plays Francis Drake as a very camp figure, reminiscent of the Highlander comedy episodes. Captain Drake is captured by an Arabian sultan and sent on a quest to find fruit from the Biblical tree of life. His search for the Garden of Eden takes him from Egypt to the North Pole, all the time pursued by his arch-nemesis, the Spanish captain Don Sandovate. The film ends with loose ends, hinting at a sequel, but after five years it still hasn't been made. That's a shame.

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