Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Pig Keeper's Daughter (3½ Stars)

Pigs make a lot better friends than some people I know.

The pig farmer Buck Swyner is worried that his daughter Moonbeam will never get married. After all, she's already 19. Moonbeam's best friend is a pig called Lord Hamilton. She fantasises that one day when she kisses him he will turn into a handsome prince. This never happens, but she keeps kissing him anyway. Then a young salesman arrives in town. The pig farmer thinks that this could be the right man for his daughter, but unfortunately the salesman is more interested in his wife than his daughter.

I suppose that when this film was made in 1972 it was considered outlandish and shocking. Bare breasts and sex scenes on a farm! By today's standards it all seems so innocent. The girls are very pretty, especially when they take their clothes off. The sex scenes are boring.

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