Saturday, 3 January 2015

CJ7 (3½ Stars)

I always associate the name of Stephen Chow with zany comedies. As is usual for all his recent films, apart from playing the main role he directed and produced "CJ7". I've never understood how a person can be an actor and director at the same time. For me it's a contradiction in terms. But it worked for Orson Welles, it worked for Ed Wood, and it works for Stephen Chow.

Ti is a poor construction worker who lives with his son Dicky in a derelict house. Ti is a good father who teaches his son that as long as you're honest it doesn't matter if you're poor. This is a good lesson, but it's not enough to stop Dicky being bullied at school.

While searching in a rubbish tip for new trainers for his son Ti finds a mysterious green object. Thinking it's a toy, he takes it come and gives it to Dicky, but it's actually an alien accidentally left behind by a space craft. Dicky gives the alien the name CJ7, based on the name of the popular toy CJ1. Dicky takes CJ7 to school for company and for help against the bullies.

The film is amusing, but I wouldn't rate it as highly as "Shaolin Soccer". Maybe it's just too childish for me to be able to relate to it.

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