Friday, 23 January 2015

How I live now (3 Stars)

Daisy is a 15-year-old girl who lives in New York. She goes to spend her summer holidays with her aunt in England. Shortly after arriving her aunt flies to Geneva on business, just for the weekend, but she doesn't return because a terrorist group explodes a nuclear bomb in London. The American embassy offers to evacuate Daisy, but she doesn't leave because she has fallen in love with her cousin Edmond. Martial law is declared, and the children are sent to do forced labour on a farm.

For me, this is a strange and unnecessarily controversial film. Even though the scene isn't very explicit, many viewers must be disturbed by seeing a 15-year-old girl have sex with her cousin. That's awkward on so many different levels. It could easily have been omitted or played down. If Edmond had been a neighbour, not a relative, it would have been better. Other aspects of the film are more appealing, such as the way we see that when the army takes over they are just as bad as the "terrorists".

The film has received generally favourable reviews. I can't agree with them. I find it mediocre.

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