Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (4 Stars)

Everyone has a part of themselves they hide even from the people they love most.

I can't really add much to the review I wrote last year after seeing the film in the cinema. I'm still disturbed by the same points. What I forgot to mention last year is that I was (and still am) disappointed with Jamie Foxx's performance as Electro. He's one of the worst actors I know. The only film in which I've seen him acting well is "Django Unchained". Maybe it's because that role didn't demand much from him.

Things have moved on since last year. Despite its box office success, the public at large was very critical of the film. They paid their money on the strength of the previous film, and they went home disappointed. There won't be an "Amazing Spider-Man 3". There will probably be a film starring the Sinister Six, but it's unlikely that Andrew Garfield will return to play the role of Spider-Man. Despite the amusing banter, which was more true to the comics than the way Tobey Maguire spoke, Andrew Garfield was miscast for the role. A new younger actor will be chosen for the next Spider-Man film. It'll soon be time for Ben Parker to die again.

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