Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bad Education (2015) (3½ Stars)

This film is based on a television series with the same name that has run for three years. It has nothing to do with the Spanish film with the same name that my guest writer Emma reviewed three days ago. I have never watched the series, so I can't comment on how well it's survived the transition to the big screen.

The film is about Alfie Wickers, a rather incompetent history teacher who takes his class on a school trip to Cornwall. Based on the evidence of the film alone -- people who've seen the television series can comment on this -- he does want to educate the children, but his priority is giving them a good time. This makes him popular with the children, but unpopular with his fellow teachers.

On the trip Alfie and his class become unwitting accomplices of the Cornish Liberation Army. It's a bawdy comedy romp with occasional glimpses of male nudity. It's amusing, but I have the feeling that I could relate to it better if I'd watched the television series first.

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