Thursday, 24 September 2015

Invisible Centerfolds (4 Stars)

As I wrote in my blog post yesterday, "The Invisible Man" is a film that will be watched forever, constantly inspiring young film makers. One of those young film makers is Dean McKendrick, who wrote and directed "Invisible Centerfolds" as a tasteful homage to James Whale's film. It's a tribute to the power of today's computers that even a low budget film can have better special effects than what we saw 82 years ago.

The plot begins the same way as "Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold", but it soon skids off in a different direction. Crystal, Beth and Kay are three models competing to become the Playpen Pet of the Month for February. Crystal and Beth are unscrupulous, willing to do whatever is necessary to be chosen, even if it means sleeping with the photographer. Only Kay, played by Christine Nguyen, has morals. She doesn't want fame, all she wants is to make enough money to pay for her training to be a dental hygienist. In a bar she complains to a stranger that she's sick of men staring at her all the time. She wants to be appreciated for something other than her looks. The stranger is Professor Ray Jennings, currently working on an invisibility potion. He offers Kay $15,000 to be his first subject for human trials.

So Kay becomes invisible. For a short while. Initially she fades in and out of visibility at random intervals, but as time progresses she becomes able to control the change. First she takes revenge on the lecherous photographer. It's easy to kick a man in the balls when you're invisible. After that she has more serious problems. A gangster on the run from the police wants to be made invisible.

This is a newspaper shown in the film. The print is too small to read, but in the second column of the mobster article there's a comma after every word, making it look more like a shopping list than a news article. Sloppy.

All's well that ends well. Kay falls in love with the professor and they live happily ever after. This is what it looks like when Professor Jennings makes love to the Invisible Woman. I'm sure H. G. Wells would approve.


  1. this was the 1st flick I saw that had Andy Long in it (mobster) it was a very fun film. Tho I wish he had more sex scenes, the other actor was very dull and old. The actresses were good but kind of old as well. But I still liked the parts of the film with Andy in them and the plot was fun. Great review Mike!

    1. Who are you calling old? I hope you don't mean Christine Nguyen. I consider her to be the most beautiful actress in the Retromedia squad. The other actor, Frankie Dell, is a regular in Dean McKendrick's films. I expect we'll see a lot more of him in the future. I don't consider him dull, but I'll have to go back and watch the films, when I have time. Sigh... so many films, so little time. The only actor in the Retromedia films who stands out in my mind as being dull is Tony Marino. He just doesn't know how to perform sex scenes. As far as I know he's only ever appeared in softcore films. The real hardcore film stars who appear in the Retromedia films (Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, Alexandre Boisvert, Ryan Driller) are better at faking sex.


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