Thursday, 24 September 2015

Girls against boys (4 Stars)

Shae goes to college in New York. She's dating a man almost twice her age. The man then breaks up with her because he "wants to make it work with his wife". To get over it she goes out dancing. She flirts with a man, but when she says that it was nothing serious he rapes her. She goes to the police to report the assault, but the police officer doesn't believe her. "How can you have been assaulted? You don't look that bad".

Luckily Shae has a friend, Lulu, who likes to kill men. Together they go out and punish all the men who wronged Shae, including the inconsiderate police officer. That's all that Shae wants, but it's not enough for Lulu. The revenge might be over, but the killing has to continue.

I love rape'n'revenge films. Not enough of them are made in my opinion. There's something delicious about the concept of it. First the man gets what he wants, then he gets what he deserves. This is a well-made film, a welcome addition to the genre.

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