Friday, 1 January 2016

Calvary (4½ Stars)

It must be wonderful to know when you're going to die. This blessing is given to Father James, a Catholic priest who lives and works in a small coastal town near Sligo in Ireland. He has the chance to avoid death, but he chooses to face it head on.

I'm ready to die, if I were able to die the way I want to. I've been willing to die for at least 30 years, though I only began to seriously consider it 20 years ago. Those who don't know me very well would be sad at my passing, but my closest friends would rejoice with me if I managed to find the death that I want.

Death is something that everyone does. It's the culmination of a person's life. It's the last thing he does. As such, it's too important to be left to chance. It's also something too beautiful to be left until old age. How can you possibly enjoy death if your body is racked with pain? It's something to be done while you're young and strong.

Father James is given a whole week, seven and a half days, to prepare for his death. That would be ideal. If I were given the opportunity to die the way I want to I would like to have a week to set my affairs in order. On the other hand, if the opportunity were presented to me today I would take it rather than risk missing out.

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