Monday, 25 January 2016

Ip Man 3 (5 Stars)

This is something that's not happened before in Cineworld. "Ip Man 3" was only shown for two days on December 24th and 25th last year. It's common for Cineworld to only show films for one or two days if they're considered to be a minority interest. What's new is that the film was so successful that they brought it back for another two weeks a month later. When I went on December 24th the cinema was packed, despite the film being shown on an awkward day. It immediately became my favourite film of 2015, and I had to see it again. When I went today I was amazed to see that the cinema was full again, apart from the front four rows where nobody wants to sit.

There's going to be trouble when this film is released in America. After the first two Ip Man films with Donnie Yen a prequel was made about Ip Man's life from the age of 13 to 16. In England it was called "The Legend is born: Ip Man", but in America the film was called "Ip Man 3". That's silly. If they really wanted to number it they should have called it "Ip Man 0", which would be the conventional way of numbering a prequel. I'm curious to see what they'll call this film in America.

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