Monday, 25 January 2016

Tomb of the Werewolf (4 Stars)

Yes, I know I only watched this film two weeks ago, but I couldn't resist watching it again. I actually intended to listen to the director's commentary by Fred Olen Ray today, but I felt myself to watch the film itself all over again. That means I'll have to listen to the director's commentary again next week, if I can exercise more self-control next time.

There's one thing that I forgot to mention in my last review. Paul Naschy, who is generally considered the king of Spanish horror movies, couldn't speak a single word of English. That's why he doesn't speak in the film. He just runs around growling and killing people. Why not? That's what he does best.

This is a photo of Paul Naschy playing the same role, Count Waldemar Daninsky, in "La marca del hombre lobo" (1968).

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