Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I really hate my job (2 Stars)

"I think when you spend over 10 years doing a really terrible job you either write a film about it or you shoot yourself".

A film with a title like this sounds fascinating, doesn't it? It's worth watching for the name alone. It's something everyone can relate to.

The film is about a single day in the life of an exclusive restaurant in London, the Stella Bar. It ought to be called the Cellar Bar, because it's below ground level. It's an all-women restaurant. The boss (Madonna) employs a cook (Alice), two waitresses (Abi and Suzie) and a dishwasher (Rita). To be honest, the boss seems to be a good boss, easy to work for, but the four girls hate their job because they're forced to deal with rich people every day, making their own lives seem even more wretched. They all have dreams of getting away. Alice wants to become a writer, Abi wants to become an actress, Rita wants to go to Chile to live with a man she's met online, while Suzie is just a dreamer who talks to the rats she finds in the kitchen.

The film attempts to be a comedy, but in my eyes it fails. The dull humdrum lives of the five women only results in a dull humdrum film. A lot of trouble is taken to tell us about the women, so that we can get to know them, but none of them are pleasant enough for me to care about them.

One thing is curious to me. When Abi (Neve Campbell) takes off her clothes to hold a speech in the restaurant the customers are all horrified and leave. I don't understand that. I would have listened to the end, then clapped as loud as I could.

Neve Campbell knows how to make a big impression.

Alexandra Maria Lara looks bored.

VIP guest Danny Huston performs for the girls.

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