Monday, 1 February 2016

The Matrix Revolutions (5 Stars)

"Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. I see death".

Isn't it amazing how prices develop, if you're only willing to be patient? When the three Matrix films were released they cost more than £15 each on DVD. Now you can buy a box set of all three films on Blu-ray for less than £10. It's not quite as cheap in America, but the price is still reasonable.

It's said that "The Matrix" was the film that persuaded people to upgrade from VCR to DVD players. Maybe that's true, although I think that people would have upgraded anyway. It was inevitable, to repeat the word so commonly used in "The Matrix Revolutions". There was such an intense leap in quality from videotapes to DVDs that nobody wanted to be left behind. Nine years later "The Dark Knight" was hyped as the film to make people want to upgrade from DVD players to Blu-ray players. That was nonsense. "The Dark Knight" was nowhere near as ground-breaking in its visual effects as "The Matrix", apart from which the quality increase from DVD to Blu-ray is more subtle. You need to have a well trained eye and a large enough television to see the improvement. I have a friend who only recently started buying films, and he only buys DVDs because they're cheaper. He doesn't understand what's better about Blu-ray. I pity him.

"The Matrix Revolutions" is the third and final part in the Matrix trilogy. It rounds the story off perfectly. Early criticisms from when the film was made 13 years ago are now fading away. I told everyone back then that it was a brilliant film, and now they're slowly catching up with me. The problem that they had accepting it was the percentage of Matrix involved. In the first film most of the film takes place inside the Matrix, in the second film only half takes place inside the Matrix, and in the third part only a few scenes take place inside the Matrix, even though they are scenes vital to the plot. All three parts of the trilogy are perfect, fitting together as they should to tell a complete story.

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