Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ip Man 3 (5 Stars)

"The world isn't fair, but moral standards apply to us all. The ruler isn't always a superior person, and those ruled aren't always inferior. The world doesn't belong to the rich, or even the powerful, but to those of pure heart".

I can't believe that I missed these words the first times I watched "Ip Man 3". This is a powerful message from the lips of Ip Man, on a par with anything we read in the New Testament.

I live in a country ruled by an evil man, David Cameron. I'm not inferior to him, however rich and powerful he is. I am far superior to him, because he's an immoral man. Every word that comes from his mouth is lies. He says that he wants to get Britain back to work, but what he really wants is to crush the weak and helpless beneath his heel. I wouldn't even claim that my heart is 100% pure. There are probably people who are better than me, but I'm so far above David Cameron, morally, that he's insignificant to me. I have to look up to him as my ruler, but I have no respect for him or any of the crooks in the inner circle of his ruling party. He's a disgusting creature, nothing more, nothing less. When I die I shall die peacefully, looking back with satisfaction upon my life. However much I suffered, I shall know that I did what was right. When David Cameron is on his deathbed he will be screaming with anguish, overwhelmed by the guilt of an evil life that he can't put right any more.

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