Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Prestige (4½ Stars)

Yesterday I loved you. Today I don't. Tomorrow I'll love you. Next week is too far away to decide, but I can love you till Tuesday.

David Bowie is very calm and dignified in his portrayal of the inventor Nikola Tesla, the only real person in this film. He's a man I know very little about. He worked together with Thomas Edison in finding means to distribute electricity, but they didn't always share the same goals. Edison's aim was to distribute electricity by wires, which is the method taken for granted today. Tesla wanted to distribute electricity without wires, but this was too difficult to achieve in his lifetime (1891-1943). Maybe this is a project that could be tackled by scientists today. It's something we need to keep our mobile phones fully charged at all times.

Nikola Tesla was also critical of the striving of women to gain equality with men, because he believed that it's the destiny of women to be superior. He was a very wise man.

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