Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Little Nicky (5 Stars)

This film defies description. It doesn't fit neatly into any genre. Maybe the best way to describe it is as a demonic romantic comedy. And it has one of the best soundtracks ever!

I expect most of my readers have already seen this film, but I'll give a brief plot summary for those who haven't. Satan has three sons; two of them are evil, but one of them is a sweet little boy. The two evil boys go to New York to upset the balance between good and evil and bring about Hell on Earth; Nicky is sent to bring them back.

The supporting characters in this film are so rich that it's a joy to watch them. While Cassius is frighteningly evil, Adrian is the coolest bad guy ever. (Isn't Rhys Ifans cool in anything he stars in?) Then there are the heavy metal fans, the gay actor, the horny bulldog, and Ozzy Osbourne before he appeared in "The Osbournes", just to name a few. The film has so many highlights that it's impossible to name them all, but my personal favorites are the dog pissing on the actor's rug and the pillow fight between Adrian and Nicky for the fate of the Earth. Sheer brilliance!


  1. Popeye's chicken is fucken awesome!

  2. Does Popeye's Chicken really exist? As a brand, I mean.

  3. Yes it does and it tastes wonderful! I will have to watch the movie now since you were so impressed with it!

  4. Yeah, Anonymous. (Can I call you Mouse for short?) I'm not an Adam Sandler fan, but I love "Little Nicky". Watch it, you won't be disappointed. I didn't mention in my review that it has little in-jokes about "From dusk till dawn". This is probably because Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarrantino were re-united as actors, even though they don't appear in any scenes together.

  5. I really liked Little Nicky; I’m not normally a fan of Adam Sandler, but this was a fun cute movie that anyone could watch, as long as having tits on your head was okay……….

    Harvey Keitel looked like he was having a ball, and he was a great Satan, and the guy who played one of his sons, the one with no vowels in his real name was good too, although I couldn’t help thinking that the black son was only there because someone complained that there were no black actors in the film, (except the weird guy who stole the magic flask who was great).

    The two Nicky-worshippers were good too; I loved the one with the long hair’s Swedish accent!

    I had a really hard time with desperately wanting to restyle Nicky’s hair it sucked so bad and the movie never explained why Nicky sometimes walked like a hunchback? Maybe it was from being run over a lot.

    Anyway, it’s a shame I am an atheist since Hell looks like fun. I give this movie two bums up.

  6. Tweed, you think exactly the same as me. This is the only one of Adam Sandler's films that I can watch more than once.

    Harvey Keitel is one of the best actors alive. And he's remarkably fit for an old guy. He was 61 when "Little Nicky" was made, but the way he hops around is terrific.

    I assume that by the one with no vowels in his name you mean Rhys Ifans. He has such an aura of coolness about him in whatever films he stars in. Check out his other films, especially "The 51st State" and "The boat that rocked".

    I disagree about Tommy Lister being in the film just to have a black actor. Cassius was ideal as a contrast to his brother Adrian. His personality was the opposite of his brother's in so many ways, so why not have a different skin colour as well? I found it appropriate.

    Two bums up? I'll slap 'em both.


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