Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nude on the Moon (4 Stars)

It's difficult to explain why I like this film. I wouldn't say it's a good film. I can't even say that it's so bad that it's good. It's just bad. And yet it appeals to me. It's not even the "nudity" aspect, because the title is misleading. The girls on the moon aren't actually nude, they're just topless. There are many other films in my DVD collection that show more flesh than this.

I already wrote a review of the film last year. Let me just add a few points to what I wrote. I can't fault the acting of the two male characters who play the astronauts. William Mayer and Lester Brown are surprisingly skilled considering that they are totally unknown. The women on the other hand were probably hired from local strip clubs; they show no acting ability whatsoever.

In best Ed Wood style the lighting is inconsistent. Night and daylight swap when the camera shows different angles. When seen from space the Earth is mirrored. Some of the details of the plot just don't make sense. For instance, the astronauts don't want to take the gold they find on the Moon back to Earth because they expect it to turn into dust when they pass through the radiation belt. Strange.

Maybe it's the love story that appeals to me. A man has to go to the moon to discover that his soulmate is on Earth waiting for him? Whatever it is, this is a film that I keep returning to.

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