Monday, 14 May 2012

Family Plot (3½ Stars)

This was the last film directed by Alfred Hitchcock before his death. It starts with two seemingly unrelated stories, and then brings them together as the film progresses.

Blanche Tyler is a fake psychic. She impresses her clients by telling them secret knowledge that her boyfriend, a cab driver and hobby detective, has discovered. One of her clients, a very rich woman, offers to pay her $10,000 if she can trace her nephew, the heir to her fortune, who was given up for adoption as a child. Her boyfriend is told that the heir has died, but he visits the burial place and the grave is empty.

The heir has faked his death after killing his parents. He is now living a life of a crime under a false name. Together with an accomplice he has been kidnapping people and demanding diamonds in exchange for their release. When he finds out that Blanche is searching for him he suspects she wants to blackmail him and tries to kill her.

An unusual story that suffers through the lack of a linear plot. Not one of Hitchcock's best films.

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