Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tai-Chi Master (4½ Stars)

This 1993 film has also been released with the name "Twin Warriors". Jun Bao, played by Jet Li, and Tien Bo are two young boys who grow up in a Shaolin temple and become close friends. As adults Tien Bo takes part in a friendly competition against another trainee monk. His opponent cheats, which leads to a more serious fight that gets both Jun Bao and Tien Bo expelled from the temple. They take up residence in a town that is being taxed heavily by local soldiers. Jun Bao sides with the rebels, but Tien Bao is more ambitious and joins the army, rapidly advancing to the rank of general. The two friends are now enemies.

Dazzling fight scenes including action from Michelle Yeoh, who plays one of the rebels.

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